Construction of a single wind turbine in Schönwalde

Highest concentration! The crane operator's hand is firmly attached to the joystick. His gaze fixes the height display. 149 meters above the ground hovers the enormous rotor blade of a new wind turbine. The blade gripper, a special sling for the blades, keeps the 32 tons safely under control. The crane jib in the LSL+LF setup variant carefully swings its load to the hub on the nacelle. From below, two 4-man teams keep the 68-metre-long giant on course with ropes. A gigantic tug of war. The perfect interaction between crane operator, ground team and fitters on the tower is crucial. Now it's time! The last metres... centimetres... then stop! The rotor blade is in place! Assembly begins.

The MAXIKraft team has been working for Vestas Wind Systems A/S for five days. The wind farm Schönwalde/Waldow is getting new blood. A new V136 type turbine will be installed 60km south of Berlin. MAXIKraft lifts large parts weighing up to 118 tons into position with the Terex CC3800 heavy-duty crane. Ironically, this time the worst opponent is the wind. With a strength of 11m/s, the assembly had to be interrupted on the fourth day.

It was only when the morning slack began at 4 o'clock in the morning that the final spurt began. With an extra long boom, the MAXIKraft team was able to easily master a 2-metre rise in the foundation. The construction of a wind turbine is carried out in three stages. MAXIKraft provides different set-up variants for the individual components. The first step is to set up the ground elements and the steel tower. In between, there is a conversion day to extend the crane jib from SSL 1(102m) to LSL+LF (150m + 12m). In the second phase, the Terex CC3800 places the tower sections on the mast. The nacelle (72t), the drive train (53t) and the hub (35t) form the head of the system. The actual installation of the drive train takes only a quarter of an hour. With the flying eye of a camera drone, MAXIKraft monitors the precise placement of the colossal drive train that will later generate the electricity. Finally, the fitters attach the three rotor blades to the hub and the arbour is finished.

The view from the nacelle is breathtaking. The new V136 turbine is ready! In the golden light of the setting sun, the gigantic dome of the "Tropical Island" shimmers nearby. From the tower of the wind turbine it seems almost tiny. Despite wind and weather the order was a complete success. The new V136 will soon have an output of up to 3.45 megawatts.


Load case 1: Tower segments "Bottom", "M1" and "M2
Crane type: TEREX CC3800
Boom type: SSL 1
Main boom: 102m
Ballast: 225t
max. load capacity: 143t on 24m outreach
max. load: 118t

Load case 2: M3, top, nacelle, drive train, hub, blade
Crane type: TEREX CC3800
Boom type: LSL+LF
Main boom: 150m
Auxiliary jib: 12m
ballast: 165t
max. load capacity: 82t on 24m outreach
max. load: 81t


Tower section Bottom: 117t
Tower section M1: 118t
Tower section M2: 81t
Tower section M3: 70t
Tower section Top: 59t
power house: 72t
Drive train: 53t
Hub: 35t
Blade + blade gripper: 32t