Heavy steel tank weighing several tons overcomes pipe bridge

In connection with the expansion of a chemical plant, a 108-tonne, 33-metre long storage tank (L x W x H / weight: 33.5 x 5 x 5 m / 108.0 t) manufactured on site had to be moved within the plant from the storage area to the installation site. The order was placed with us completely, including loading, transport, lifting on a pipe bridge and lifting onto the foundation. Three 300 ton Liebherr telecranes (RV: HA + 96 t ballast) were used for this extraordinary project. A tractor with 2 x 6-axle modules and an excavator bridge were used for the approximately one kilometre long transport through the company grounds.

During the transport, the vehicle had to drive over a meadow on a section of about 250 m. We built a temporary site road for this purpose. In the further course the container had to be lifted over a twelve meter high pipe bridge. This required the LTM 1750 (RV: HA + 164 t ballast) and the LTM 1500 (RV: HA + 135 t ballast), which mastered this task with flying colours. For lifting the container into the plant over an 18 m high protective wall, the LG 1750 was used in the setup variant: HA 77 m + 250 t ballast for the container weight of 108.0 tons with a radius of 32.0 m. The LTM 1500 was used to unload the container. All in all, the project was a great highlight in which 30 of our committed employees were involved.


Storage tank:
- 108 tons heavy
- 33 metres long
- 5 metres wide
- 5 metres high


- One LTM 1750
- One LTM 1500
- One LG 1750
- One tractor with 2 x 6-axle modules
- An excavator bridge