A drilling rig floats through Dresden

When construction is underway in the narrow #Baroque district of #Dresdner Neustadt, heavy construction equipment sometimes has to float in and out. And then #MaxiPower is needed! A heavy rotary drilling machine had to be lifted through the air on chains above the protected historic facade of the old Hotel Stadt Leipzig in Heinrichstraße, because the construction site is hardly directly accessible.

The machine had to drive deep holes into the ground for the construction of an underground parking garage in order to place concrete piles and sheet piles in the ground. The order came from our customer, #Bauunternehmen Heinz Lange from Ottendorf-Okrilla - a specialist for complicated inner-city construction pits. For the job, our colleagues from #Kranlogistik Sachsen in Dresden used their 400-tonner, the #Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1, and it was a feat of strength every time: The crawler chassis weighs a proud 30 tons with all parts alone, and the upper part then another 20 tons or so. One after the other, they floated through the air at a height of around 18 meters - with a projection of more than 30 meters.

For the lift, the colleagues also used a guy, a spreader beam and the full ballast of 140 tons. The drilling rig was erected at the end of April and then removed again in mid-May. Now the underground garage with parking spaces is being built in the courtyard of the historic building. A new four-story building with apartments and stores is to be built above it. The listed facade from the 17th century will then be integrated into the building. A truly historic job for our crane logistics experts!


- 18 Meter


30 Tonnen