The "Taucherschacht 2" in airy heights

We were commissioned by our customer to take over the excavation of the " Taucherschacht 2" in the science port of Magdeburg. A site inspection in advance showed that the CC 3800 had to be used for this project due to the load to be moved. The challenge was to place the " Taucherschacht 2" on a steel structure 800 metres away from the harbour basin. In order to save a costly transport by means of an SPMT self-propelled module, the transport was carried out directly on the crane hook. For this purpose, an appropriate road was built on site to ensure stability, thus creating the necessary parking space. On Thursday, 14.06.2018, " Taucherschacht 2" was then lifted as planned.

After attaching the load, the " Taucherschacht 2" was first lifted out of the harbour basin. The ship then had to be lowered ashore to bring the Terex Demag CC3800 into the required position for moving with load. After the CC3800 had been reattached, it set off with a total weight of 135 tons to the new location of " Taucherschacht 2". After a total travel time of approx. 2 hours the " Taucherschacht 2" was successfully aligned on the steel structure specially built for the ship. We would like to thank our customer for the confidence placed in us and the commissioning of a not quite everyday project. We wish the team in the Science Harbour every success with the restoration and good visitor numbers for the future. It was our pleasure!


Weight "Taucherschacht 2": 117 tons
Weight cross beam and hook: 18 tons
Total load: 135 tons


Terex Demag CC 3800

Boom configuration: SH 36 meters
revolving stage ballast: 205 tons
Central ballast: 50 tons