How the MAXIKraft Group accompanied a very special moving

Today, the editorial office of MAXIKraft Projects is handed over to two very special journalists: the elephant ladies Astra and Thuza take over the narration of a transport of a different kind.

The date is September 24th. Today my aunt Astra and I will move into our new home together. Who am I? Well, you know me! It is me, lady elephant Thuza. We are moving to Leipzig Zoo today with a very special goal: to protect species that are highly endangered by extinction. This also includes our little ones, the elephants! And by moving to Leipzig we can prevent this from happening. All thanks to the European Conservation Breeding Program and the Berlin Zoo, our original home.

The preparations started a few days before, because a move like this is not without consequences for two pachyderms like us. Many arrangements have to be made weeks in advance. Especially when it comes to the selection of personnel, we have to make sure that not too many people are in our enclosures, because that gives us a bad feeling.
That's why we set up the big cranes in our enclosures a few days before, so that we could get a taste of the whole thing and familiarize ourselves with the equipment. For this purpose, the experts from MAXIKraft came to us in the zoo and took a close look at the surroundings.
They examined where which tree was standing in our enclosure, how the partition walls were installed and much more! This allowed them to decide exactly which crane to use and how best to position it. Because the size of the crane always depends on the distance the crane has to cover in connection with the weight that has to be carried or other disturbing factors. Therefore it is important to get an impression of the situation in advance. But that's what the guys from the MAXIKraft team are there for: For the perfect technical support.

This morning we finally got going: Our move started.

Astra and I were both transported together in a large transport box. This had a total weight of 10 tons. How much weight we put on top of it remains a secret. As you know, we ladies don't talk about such things! The procedure looked something like this: First in phase 1 one of us ran into the back gate and in phase 2 the other elephant joined us. We were then separated from each other by a partition wall so that no unintentional crashes occurred and we didn't injure ourselves. The transport box was then lifted out of the enclosure by the crane, the LTM 1055-3.2, and made its way with us to Leipzig.
The journey was a bit shaky and we were both super excited and anxious to get to our new home, so we could hardly wait to reach our final destination!

Luckily the distance between Berlin and Leipzig is not very big, so we arrived after a relatively short drive. In the enclosure my mother Khewa, my sister Pantha and my brother Edgar were already waiting for us both eagerly. With the LTM 1055-3.2. we were then lifted into the enclosure and were allowed to explore and marvel at our new home, the elephant temple.

After such a long and sweaty journey we more than deserved an extensive bath. So we dived directly into the bathing pool and tested the muddy pool together. We already feel super comfortable and are happy to call the Leipzig Zoo our new home.

Our roommate Naing Thein was also transported to his new home by the MAXIKraft group. However, he was allowed to make a much longer journey and move earlier. His move already started on September 22nd. He has now moved to Copenhagen. There he is now being well taken care of. In his enclosure a transport box and the LTM 1055, with which he was transported, were already placed on September 21. His transport box weighed about 10 tons including him. On September 22nd, the MAXIKraft team set off on the long journey with him. In the meantime he has arrived safely and has settled in his new home, a little birdie told us!

source: Zoo Leipzig


Moving to Leipzig
Transport box: 10 tons
Elefant Thuza: 2 tons
Elefant Astra: 5 tons

Moving direction Copenhagen
Transport box: 5 tons
Elefant Naing Thein: 4,5 tons


cranetype moving to Leipzig: LTM 1130-5.1.
cranetype moving to Copenhagen: LTM 1055-3.2.