The somewhat different nightcap in the trendy district

Today's article focuses on a highlight project that more than lives up to its name. In addition to all the exciting details of the order, we are also celebrating the first cooperation between the MAXIKraft Group and Treffler GmbH in the field of large cranes. This project was also the first use of our LTM 1750, which was directed to the construction site after delivery and immediately put into operation there. If this is not a reason to pop the corks...

Already in December 2020, the MAXIKraft and Treffler team went to Munich for the project of our customer Bauer Spezialtiefbau in the Glockenbachviertel. So absolute home game for our Treffler employees! For all those who are not quite as at home in Munich as our colleagues: The Glockenbachviertel is located in the middle of downtown Munich. In order to be able to carry out the project on site at all, it was ultimately necessary to completely close off Pestalozzistrasse, which presented us with a few challenges. But what was it all about?

The goal of the MAXIKraft group was to lift a pile driver with 44 tons, pile-driving equipment with 20 tons, a compact excavator with 30 tons as well as various parts and accessories with 20 tons dead weight over residential buildings into the courtyard of Pestalozzistraße 15-17. Our customer needed this equipment in the courtyard to create solid walls for the construction of a new underground parking garage using the diaphragm method.

Such a project requires the best and most precise planning, so that a study was prepared in advance that showed exactly how much supporting pressure was to be used here.

As the name already suggests, there is also a Glockenbach in the Glockenbachviertel. Of course, our team did not ignore this aspect during planning, so that a steel girder construction was created for the rear support on the left in order to relieve the pressure on the Glockenbach, which is channelled underground. This also ensured that the underground viaduct would not be damaged during the execution of the job. However, this proved to be a major challenge during further planning, as it meant that the swing-through radius was only 9.5 meters.

But the tight swing radius, the very narrow time window for the lift-in, simply all challenges could not keep us from our project success! Precisely, in a controlled and coordinated manner, we were able to lift all the desired objects into the inner courtyard and also excavate them again in mid-March of this year. Nevertheless, we do not want to attribute the success to ourselves alone, because without our Treffler team, which erected and dismantled our MAXIKraft crane with the LTM 1130, none of this would have been possible.

Dear Treffler colleagues: It was a pleasure to realize this exciting project together with you and we are looking forward to many more large crane projects with you!


Pile driver: 40 tons
Pile driver: 20 tons
Compact excavator: 30 tons
Miscellaneous parts and accessories: 20 tons


- LTM 1750
- LTM 1130 as auxiliary crane
- Miscellaneous transport technology