With sea power to wind power

For today's project, our MAXIKraft team was again in action for wind power. For this project, our team went to the south of Magdeburg, directly to the Elbe, to the Schönebeck harbor. Now you are probably asking yourself: harbor and wind power - how does that fit together?

In order for a wind turbine to go into operation, the components such as the nacelle, rotor blades and also the steel sections must of course first reach their destination. The Schönebeck harbor is mainly used for handling scrap and heavy-duty parts and, as you know, we are naturally at home in the heavy-duty sector. The focus of this project was the loading of two heavy steel sections of a wind turbine, which were to be transported by barge across the Elbe to Antwerp. With a weight of 85 tons each, a length of 21 and 14 meters as well as a diameter of 4.90 meters, only the transport by ship came into question in order to be able to carry out the loading to the destination efficiently.

So the two steel sections were each transported to the port by truck and received there by our team.

What was special about this project? Normally, the Schönebeck port carries out the slinging and loading with its own port staff. But this time, it was our colleagues who worked on the project as slingers and loaders alongside our crane operators. So we were able to prove our teamwork once again.

After the first steel section had been delivered by truck and slung by our team, it was time to load it. Equipped with an LTM 1500 and an LTM 1750 from Züllsdorf, our team hoisted the first steel section. With full attention, precision and in unison, the section was lifted by both cranes in parallel and carefully transported to the ship. Our team also moved over to the ship in order to continue to control the section during lowering and then to free it from all equipment. After all, another section had to be loaded.

The second section also required a delicate touch and the best cooperation between our crane operators to ensure the success of the loading. Once the barge had been loaded with both steel sections, it was able to set off on schedule for Antwerp with the heavy load.
Thus, the MAXIKraft Group was once again able to record a point load for this project. We are already looking forward to the next visit to the port of Schönebeck!


- Steel section: 85 tons


- LTM 1750
- LTM 1500