MAXIKraft with power

High wire files are one of #MAXIKraft's specialty disciplines - especially when older masts need to be replaced on high-voltage lines. We are currently supporting our customers, the network operator # 50Hertz and the infrastructure service provider #EQOS Energie, in replacing masts on a 380 kilovolt overhead line in Saxony. The route leads from Streumen northeast of Riesa to Eula in the south of Leipzig.

In order to lower an older mast from the existing management in Streumen and to rebuild a new mast at the same location, our crew from #Kranlogistik Sachsen from Dresden moved in as a large team - with six cranes! During these complex assignments, the colleagues have to work together like a ballet ensemble. In addition, the ground in the entire construction site area is covered with steel plates so that the stability of the cranes is guaranteed.

In Wülknitz near Streumen, two #Liebherr mobile cranes of the types LTM 1100 and LTM 1110 served as protective cranes: They secured a 110-kilovolt line that runs under the 380-volt line and could not be switched off, and kept the ropes in place Position. These and other safety precautions are more often necessary in sensitive areas.

Two #Grove GMK 5150 mobile cranes then removed the bundles of cables from the mast crossbeam and held them up during the work - including all night. Finally, a #Grove GMK 5250 and a #Grove GMK 4090 help the overhead line fitters to lower and erect the mast sections. At the end of the exciting two days, the holding cranes were able to hang the power cables back on the newly erected mast.

Such tasks are a highly stressful job: maximum concentration, precision and dexterity over many hours. "We support #EQOS Energie in changing the masts that # 50Hertz commissioned them," explains our Dresden sales representative, Dunja Wolski. And no project is like the other. We look forward to the next job!


- 102 meters


- 7 tons