Even a very small house can present big challenges. The colleagues from Maximum in Eisenach have now experienced this. A senior couple wanted to have a turnkey tiny house set up in Dermbach in the Wartburg district - and the colleagues from Maximum in Eisenach were asked for help. But the streets of the idyllic town center in the Thuringian Rhön are very narrow. So it wasn't clear at first whether they would even be able to deliver the 34 square meter house there with a heavy-duty transport. Nine months earlier, at the end of last year, planning for the order from Schwörer Haus KG began.

A few days before the operation, no-parking signs were put up throughout the town so that all roads were clear for the transport. The colleagues from Eisenach rolled up before dawn with their ballast vehicle and mobile crane, a Grove GMK 5150. The heavy-duty vehicle with the tiny house in its luggage even had to reverse to the building site for the last 400 meters. But that was the biggest part of the job: the actual lifting of the 17-ton house was almost easy to do with a hook height of 28 meters. The small, elegant home could be placed directly from the truck onto the prepared foundation and was ready for occupancy on the same day. Now a retired couple has their retirement home there. And the grandchildren are always welcome to visit.




Kran: Grove GMK 5150
Gewicht: 17,1 t
Höhe: 28 m

Für einen privaten Kunden wurde im Auftrag der Schwörerhaus KG ein 34 qm-Tiny House auf das vorbereitete Fundament auf einem privaten Baugrundstück gehoben.