BASF GROUP,SCHWARZHEIDE THE COUNTRY NEEDS NEW SOUNDS! Loading of a turbine and a generator Trapped between hot pipe bridges, the MAXIKraft crane driver wipes a few beads of sweat from his forehead. Slowly, very carefully he steers the arm of the crane. The MAXIKraft Group’s efforts led our crane driver to BASF in Schwarzheide today. … Read More


TUBE BUNDLE TRANSPORTFROM HOHENTHURM TO THE TRUCK FACTORY HOHENTHURM, LANDSBERG Heavy load transport of four tube bundles From the end of August till the beginning of September we had the task of transporting four pipe bundles from Hohenthurm to the SKW plant. Two 4-axle heavy duty tractors with an 18-axle THP-UT module from Goldhofer were … Read More


LIFTING HURDLESWITH THE MAXIKRAFT GROUP CHEMICAL PLANT, SCHKOPAU Heavy steel tank weighing several tons overcomes pipe bridge In connection with the expansion of a chemical plant, a 108-tonne, 33-metre long storage tank (L x W x H / weight: 33.5 x 5 x 5 m / 108.0 t) manufactured on site had to be moved … Read More